About Riyaz Bhati

After year of stint in the corporate world Riyaz Ahmed frenzy for sports engaged him in providing a comprehensive institution for the blooming talent of India and he centered on encouraging sport and honing sports person for a better tomorrow.

“My dream to see a sporting India is enlivened every time I see an impeccable performance in gully cricket or a faultless goal in school play ground by young and ignorant kids. There are capable sports stars in every nook and corner of India, waiting for a lead in the world of sports and Indian sports Academy is that lead

Riyaz Ahmed is a noted name in construction industry, with a decade of experience in building and hospitality. Along with he has also engaged in the business of garments, established as the excellent Finishing.” He believes in people and his business spells warmth, comfort and loyalty but the desideratum to grow and touch more lives, bought him to lay the foundation of Indian sports Academy.

“The nation wants a revolution in Indian sports, but how many parents aspire a career in sports for their child? The lack of infrastructure and sport amenities, demean the glory of sport in a country that has acquainted sports like hockey, archery, polo, wrestling and chess to the world.

With experts and upright service in Indian Sports Academy our directive is to let the child’s interest decide where he wants to go.


About Kinder Sports Academy

At Indian Sorts Academy we promote understanding of sports in order to advance social justice, sustainable development economic opportunity in the world of sports. Our mission has been to serve the nation and the world as a compendious institution, upgrading sports through programs of edification and services.

The way a team plays determines its success. We may have a bunch of individual sports stars, but if they don’t play together the team won’t be worth a dime. We pride ourselves on the commitment of our faculty and staff with helping students grow and prepare for a responsible position wit in the profession of sports.

Our growth has been powered by instructive approach and discerning the industry that indubitably reflects in our ardor for innovation. We have constantly raised our bar through uncompromising service delivery and constitutional framework. Our ultimate goal is for Kinder Sport Academy to be a road to career in sports for every aspiring player, making India a sporting nation.